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Capture more from above.

Drone photography for residential and commercial properties in Greater Boston

Aerial Photography

When selling your home or commercial property, it’s important to show as much as possible to your potential buyers. With aerial photography you can climb to the perfect altitude with a high-resolution camera to capture your property from angles that show your buyer more of what they are getting while showing off its true size and layout. In the past a helicopter and a very expensive high-resolution camera were needed to capture images from above. With drones you can do it quickly and for a fraction of the cost, risk and effort. In real estate your prospective buyers are likely seeing your property for the first time on a phone or computer screen. With the added touch of aerial photography, you will sell your listing faster!

How it works

It’s quick and easy! You provide us with the address of the property, weather preferences, your desired completion date and a contact who is authorized to grant access to the property and we will do the rest! 

One of our FAA certified and licensed UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilots will arrive on site within the dates you specify, weather and flight restrictions permitting. To get started, just fill out our service inquiry and you will be contacted to confirm the mission details. Once the images are captured and processed, we will provide a link to a web page where you can view proofs, approve and download your aerial shots.

What you get

Our standard set of aerial images includes cardinal and ordinal directions of your property from the best altitude based on visual, environmental and legal limitations. 

Image Delivery Includes:

 8x Cardinal / Ordinal: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest.

 1x Birds Eye (Top Down): Low-Altitude

 1x Birds Eye (Top Down): High-Altitude

 1x Frontal, low altitude with horizon in view

 1x Frontal, high altitude with horizon in view

Add-ons available on request:

  1. 360 degree point of interest 4k high resolution video
  2. Isolated point of interest (Patio, Lake, etc.)
  3. Twilight aerial images
Rest Assured:
  • Digital delivery within 24 hours
  • FAA Certified & Licensed Pilots
  • Authorized to fly in Boston airspace
  • Authorized to fly at night
  • Boston Local Company

Ready to get started?

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