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Inspect, Plan, Document & Track.

High resolution orthomosaic mapping, Boston MA

Orthomosaic Mapping

Aerial orthomosaic mapping enables you to take a high-resolution image of large area without losing image quality. This is done autonomously via drone by capturing lots of images and stitching them together. You can then take the resulting image and inspect it from the comfort of your home or office. Orthomosaic Mapping enables you to get a closer look at any surface with an interface similar to Google Maps with the added benefit of a clearer 2 dimensional image of the focus area. You also have the added benefit of using the data for measurements, inspection and documentation!

How it works

It’s quick and easy! You provide us with the address of the property, your desired completion date and a contact who is authorized to grant access to the property and we will do the rest! 

One of our FAA certified and licensed UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilots will arrive on site within the dates you specify, weather and flight restrictions permitting.

To get started, just fill out our service inquiry form and you will be contacted to confirm the mission details.

What you get

You will get a comprehensive suite of tools with your orthomosaic map. A link will be provided to a web interface that will enable you to:

  • View and inspect the image in 2D or 3D on a map
  • View individual images independent of the orthomosaic
  • Annotate & comment on elements
  • Measure distance and volume
  • View elevation signature
  • Track progress with follow-up maps
  • and more!
Rest Assured:
  • 24 hour delivery
  • FAA Certified & Licensed Pilots
  • Authorized to fly in Boston airspace
  • Authorized to fly at night
  • Boston Local Company

Ready to get started?

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